This is your new assignment.

You have to:

1st.- Draw six “smiles” paying atention to the eyebrows, eyes and mouth to get different expresions. Then  write the name of the feeling that represents beneath each one.

2nd.-Draw those same six expressions but now using a cartoon character that you will make up. In the box provided you can draw just one of the cartoon character, the other five will have to be drawn in the back of the sheet so you can notice how big the drawings must be.
Let’s look at some examples

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

In somewhere of the back of the paper you must write down the assesstment criteria:

1st.- Use a compass to draw the outline of the smiles with a marker.

2nd.- Color them as best as you can.

3rd.- Make up your own expressions.

4th.- Name them with the correct word.

5th.- Draw your own cartoon character with as many details as possible and with the same expressions than the smiles.

6th.- Neatness

And then I want you to assess yourself and put a grade on your work based on these assessment criteria



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