The first activity in this new year is th Activity 3.3

You must use lines to create shapes and a landscape is a easy task to do as our first attempt.

Look at the example you can find in the worksheet and at the following pictures:


Notice there is NO OUTLINE. You can use a pen to draw the outline then use a marker to draw lines in the diferent areas and eventually you will erase the outline.

As we saw when working with dots you can change: thickness, length, distance between each other, color, etc.

Take a look to the following images to see how you can get the feeling of distance:



1ºESO PaisajeLineas - LauraRojano












Copy the assessment criteria on the back side of your worksheet:

1st.- Make an sketch of the drawing you are planning to do (on the back side of your worksheet).

2nd.- Change the SHAPE, SIZE and COLOR of lines to get the feeling of perspective.

3rd.- Fill up the whole work area.

4th.- No outline should be seen in your final drawing.

5th.- Neatness.

6th.- Self assessment.



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