Our first task with colour is going to be the


You will have to paint the “Colour Wheel” but as a part of something else: you will have to design a CLOCK!

Any type you want. It might be a watch, an alarm clock, a grandfather clock, etc.

Here you have some examples.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

Don´t forget to copy the assessment criteria at the back side of the sheet of paper:

1st.- Name, last name and group.

2nd.- Draw a frame.

3rd.- Get homogeneus colours.

4th.- Accuracy at edges.

5th.- Complexity of the drawing.

6th.- Use the right amount of primary colours to get the secondary and terciary ones.

7th.- Use a range of gray colours for the background.

8th.- Neatness.

9th.- Self Assessment.



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