Have you heard of TANGRAM?

It is a Chinese puzzle with seven geometric pieces that fit together into a bigger square.

Take a look:

Cuadrado formado por las siete piezas del Tangram

With these seven geometric shapes you can create hundreds of different shapes:


We are going to put into practice all that we have learned about basic geometric concepts to get a really accurate drawing of a TANGRAM. We will make two of them. One will have to be black, but you can colour the other one as you want (don’t forget you are already an artist !)

Here you have some exercises made by students of 1st of ESO (but one).

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

We will draw the TANGRAM at class but if you miss something you can use the next drawing to guide you through the process.


Assessment Criteria:

0.- Write your name, surname and class on the back side of your worksheet.

1st.- Draw a frame.

2nd.- Accuracy at drawing the geometric shapes that make up the TANGRAM.

3rd.- Colour both using flat colour but one of them has to be darker as it is going to be the shadow.

4th.- Create an original shape with the figures and use the dark ones to create a shadow (No overlaping allowed).

5th.- Fill in the background according to the main figure.

6th.- Neatness.

7th.- Self assessment.



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