Let’s start this UNIT 04 with a video called “The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics“.

It was made in 1965,  by Chuck Jones y Maurice Noble, and it’s bassed on a book . You can find it a bit old-fashioned but it’s interesting because it shows us some prejudices we can have about geometry



 1.      Lines

1.1.   Perpendicular bisector of a line segment

1.2.   Perpendicular at a point on a line

1.3.   Perpendicular to a line from a external point

1.4.   Perpendicular at the endpoint of a ray

1.5.   Divide a segment into n equal parts


 2.      Angles

2.1.   Bisecting an angle

2.2.   Copy an angle

2.3.   Construct a 60° angle

2.4.   Construct a 30° angle

2.5.   Construct a 90° angle (right angle)

2.6.   Construct a 45° angle

3. Triangles

3.1.   Types of triangles            (Put you through the test)

3.2.   Triangle, given 3 sides (sss)

3.3.   Isosceles triangle, given base and altitude

3.4.   Incircle of a triangle

3.5.   Circumcircle of a triangle

4. Polygons

4.1.   Hexagon given one side

4.2.   Pentagon inscribed in a given circle *

4.3.   Hexagon inscribed in a given circle

4.4.   Heptagon inscribed in a given circle *

4.5.   Octagon inscribed in a given circle *

* You might have some problems trying to watch these exercises on your computer. If so, please check out the instruccions below to find out how to fix this problem.

*Si tienes problemas visualizando estos ejercicios en tu ordenador, por favor consulta las instrucciones que te dejo a continuación:




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