In this activity you have to look for a couple of photos (from magazines, newspapers, etc.) for every type of image we have seen in Unito 01:

To inform.

To advertise

To express and

To entertaint.

and explaing the reasons why you think they belong to that group.

Here you have some examples:

First Image:

This image belongs to the “entertainment” type  because it has been made to make people have a good time.

Second Image:

This image belongs to  the “adverstisement” type because it has been made to try to persuade you to buy something.

Third Image:

This image belongs to “information” type because it has been made to tell you where you are exactly within a city.



1st.- Name, last name and class.

2nd.- Design a front cover in a blank sheet of paper.

3rd.- Design a title for every type of images in the upper part of a blank sheet of paper (four in total) and stick a couple of images below.

4th.- Write down some comments for every image explaining the reasons why you think it belongs to that group of images.

5th.- Neatness and good hand writing.



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