Have you ever wandered how human beings started drawing?

They used their fingers and little sticks as brushes; clay and ash as painting; and walls in caves as canvas…

Here you have some examples:

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Nowadays there are some artists aimed at continuing this tradition taught by their ancestors.

Look at this paintings:

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

If you want to know something else about them and their work, follow these links:

About their work.

About their culture.

It is time to pay attention to this painting made in 1999 by a women’s group of  the “Balgo” tribe in Australia:

Wirrimanu 2From the book: “Mi libro de Arte”. Editorial BLUME.

This image is telling a story about the origin of their nation.

Do you find any repited graphic element? Which one? What do you think it means?

Therefore, our next assignment will be to create a composition using this same technique. But, as in this last example, your image will have to tell us a story.

Choose your own one!

By the way, there is an art movement based on the use of points to create real images.


Check out this link to see some examples.


1st.- Name, lastname and group.

2nd.- Frame.

3rd.- A sketch- at the back side of your drawing paper- explaining your idea (plot of the story, main graphic characters, etc.)

4th.- Complexity of your proposal.

5th.- Effort

6th.- Neatness

7th.- Self assessment.



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