We are going to practice a technique called


You have already used it many times before but now, after many months learning about Art & Design, I bet you have a different look at things, don’t you?

Besides, this technique will help you to focus on


rather than on drawing well to get realistic shapes.

Look at this interesting video with some easy but effective rules to create a good Collage:

In this other one you can see more examples to get inspired:

In addition, here you have the theory about composition we have seen at class:


1st.- Name, last name and group.

2nd.- Draw a frame (1 cm. distance).

3rd.- Make a sketch at the back of your drawing paper explaining:

The Compositional Scheme you have choosen.

How you display Shape, Colour, Texture and Light in your compoisition.

4th.- Complexity of the proposal.

5th.- Neatness.

6th.- Self assessment.



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