We have been working these last couple of months about how to get “the illusion of distance and volume” in a flat surface, our drawing paper.

Now we are going to learn how to get “the illusion of MOVEMENT

You already know that when watching a film, not matter how realistic things seem to move, they actualy do not move. A film is just a series of pictures shown so quickly that our eyes are not able to distinguish hence we get the illusion of movement.

And that is what we are going to get using a technique call “stop motion”

Here you have 3 examples:

1st.- One Made using REAL OBJECTS and PEOPLE. Very smart.

Here you have the “making of”

2nd.- One made using PLASTICINE and real backgrounds. Very funny.

and here you have a very interesting “making off” where you can see the “story board”, the characters, the “chroma key” technique, etc. A very good piece of information about how much work is needed to create a good “stop motion” video.


and 3rd.- One example made using “collage” technique. This is simpler.


Finally you can see below a couple of works made by former students.



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